Friday, February 22, 2008

one laptop, a name stamp, three tops, a trench coat and a pair of jeans later ...

yep. i spent loads of €€€ today. actually, no. make that L O A D S. all i wanted to do after a very nice lunch with birgit at akakiko, was check out whether a store across the street had laptops with XP installed and not the horrid, crappy vista. [insert rant here.] what i did not know before was that i would walk out with one. it actually has both vista and XP installed, but i already know what i will and won't be using. so this is the new addition to the household:

i checked out one clothes store, s. oliver, where i had never actually found anything - but today was different. of course, having lost so much weight means that i find more things to wear. the shop assistant was very sweet, and also honest enough to say "nah, that doesn't suit you" or "that's not your colour". i ended up buying three tops (one of them is this, in marjoram), a short beige trench coat, and i even found a (much-needed) pair of jeans! yay! for someone who does not normally enjoy shopping, it was surprisingly fun this afternoon. (and hooray for credit cards! *g*)

i am quite tired right now, though cheerful. and i found out that kristy bowen's billet-doux project (dancing girl press) has been finalized! the limited-edition boxes containing 15 poems by 15 female poets can be bought through dancing girl press. i am sooooo thrilled to be part of this, and i am in such excellent company - this is the line-up: jayne pupek, erin bertram, bronwen tate, cecelia pinto, shawn fawson, diane kendig, christine hamm, jeannette sayers, suzanne frischkorn, annie finch, emma bolden, julie enszer, ariana-sophia kartsonis, kelli russell agodon, and yours truly.

if i can manage to stay awake, i will be at the movies tonight, looking at mr depp.

song of the day: mercy by duffy.


Bebe said...

Hi Michi,

Sounds like you had a wonderful day shopping, Very cool shirt, especailly the color. Mr. Depp is so dreamy...wickedly dreamy.

wishing you a relaxing weekend

:) brenda

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Oh, a new computer - now THAT's dreamy (mr depp too, of course). You'll have to break it in properly by writing a few poems on it : )

I ordered my copy of billet-doux and can't wait to get it. What a fantastic project!

Sounds like it was a great day! I hope your weekend is more of the same.


Collin said...

Congrats on the new laptop. A new computer always makes me feel warm and fuzzy...until the credit card bill comes. :)

michi said...

brenda, wearing the shirt today, i really like it. :) thanks for the note!

sharon, good to see you around here ... one question: what is a poem? *sigh* still totally blocked. :((( i am with you re can't-wait-for-billet-doux! *s*

collin, you don't want to know what makes ME feel warm and fuzzy ... *g* something i am not getting any of these days. and it's nothing to do with computers. :)

and i paid for it already. but the clothes ... well, those were financed by mastercard.

m x