Sunday, February 17, 2008

sunday girl

i'm really proud of myself because i managed not to work all day yesterday. i allowed myself some reading time, some girly book, not sophisticated at all. :) it was chilly outside, stormy, and anything from blue skies to blizzards, and it was nice to be curled up in bed (on the couch, actually, which has become my bed these past weeks) with a nice cup of cocoa & chili tea.

today, i slept "late" - or what has become "late" - ie nearly 9 o'clock, and i have been fooling around on facebook, playing some scrabble moves, on the phone to gudrun, and listening to the wonderful kitchenwitch mix cd that the lovely theresa boyar sent me. just the kind of music a girl needs. next in line: nicole's equally great mixes!

now my to do list is only about 25 entries long - easy peasy for a wonderwoman like yours truly, eh?

song of the day: sunday girl by blondie.


Omar Cruz said...
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Arlene said...

glad to see that you had a good sunday, michi. and woohoooo! congrats on the "best of the net 2007" anthology inclusion. that is soooooo kewl!

thanks for the wonderful notes you left at my blog.


p.s. of course, only you can juxtapose words like "entries" and "long" in the same sentence. not to mention "tightest" and "hugs". **snicker**

Anonymous said...

margin: see, i was BURSTING to say congrats earlier, but had to wait FOR YOU! many backpats, minnie-me!

glad you're relaxing a bit even if it *is* with an unsophisticated *girly* book. you know you're only allowed, like, 2 of those a year, right? okay then.

a biggggg WOOOOOO again!!
my one hand is clapping...

michi said...

thanks girls!

angela - oh dear. are we back to where we were a year ago?? *s* this time we'll have to be naughty without you-know-who though. we are not exactly on speaking terms, esp not on naughty ones.

nicolina - thank you, sweetie! the girly book was one i had read before - does that still count? *s*
i love love love to dance to some of "your" songs! yeah! :)

huggles, mx