Sunday, February 24, 2008

lazy sunday afternoon ...

yeah right. i wish! i have to get loads done today, because i did not get anywhere yesterday, not really. but since prep work for tomorrow involved watching the whale rider (we're doing maori culture), it isn't quite so bad. :)

friday night was fun - sweeney todd was, erm, bloody good. :-p sabine and tom and i giggled our way through the movie and the rest of the evening.

and it's funny that when i venture out into the real world once in many weeks, i bump into three people i know! justin from my CELTA course in 2004 with his wife, then evelyn from labyrinth / open mic, and finally sharron, who was also in my CELTA class! strange too that the last time i saw justin and sharron was when they starred in a play, about 14 months ago.

i've made friends with my new laptop which is running on windows XP (ah! the relief!), flirted a little (not with my laptop), played scrabble and slept too little.

it's lovely outside today, spring weather. might persuade my inner teacher that there IS time to enjoy some sunshine ...

song of the day: never seen the light of day by mando diao.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey sunday sue! congrats on your xp toy--i dread the vista, too!

glad you're enjoying youself, gad-about, you little butterfly
~flip-flap~ your wings & fly. can't wait to see your billet-doux-sie!

envying your spring weather as we're back in wintry mixes, those daffodil heads drooping.

there is always time to enjoy...