Saturday, December 08, 2007

late night post-kafka blog post

it's 02:22 and i only got back from the open mic at café kafka ten minutes ago (and that only because michi + night bus = perfect timing)! i really enjoyed tonight, some really, really good stuff, also fun stuff. if i had not arranged to present my chap"box" tonight, i would not have gone, because i fell asleep in the afternoon and woke up with a temperature and felt totally knackered.

i thought there might not be too many people tonight, what with christmas coming up, but it was packed. it was nice to catch up with the regulars, and talk to a few new faces.

i read five poems from secret meanings and have sold all remaining chap"box" copies. the reading went well, too - i was a bit worried, because i did not feel 100% fit, but i was quite happy with it. :)

and afterwards: chat chat chat and lots of laughter. did me good. thanks for listening, jean. thanks for the free "homemade" therapy, martin. *g* thanks for letting me flirt a little, too, hillary. ;)

and now i am sitting here wondering whether nathan has found his pear novel again, or is still looking for it all over vienna ...

song of the day: hey ya by the outkast.


Collin said...

The idea of a chapbox intrigues me. I can't wait to have yours in my hot little hands.

Liz said...

Hi Michi,

Congrats on the launch of Secret Meanings - it sounds like a great night : )
Can't wait to get my copy...(Michi, got your e-mail, that's fine...I can do paypal if that's ok?)


Bebe said...

Hi Michi,

Cery Cool Beans on your Secret Meanings, I would love to hear you read some of them. Like Liz, I can't wait for my copy. Let me know what I need to do.

:) brenda

michi said...

collin, your hot hands will soon be all over it, i am sure.

liz, it was a really nice evening. if you ever make it to vienna, you'll have to make sure you are here on the first friday of a month (except the summer months) for a kafka open mic night!

brenda - i am waiting for the next shipment of chap"boxes", because i have run out of copies. when it is on its way, i will get in touch re payment. and i know i owe you mail. like i owe about a hundred other people a note ... sigh. *s*


Merc said...

Congrats, Michi. And the evening sounds great. Keep a chapbook for me.