Sunday, December 09, 2007

unexpected delight

just checked the trillium website to see whether the issue has finally gone online - it had been loooong overdue when i last checked, but at that time i was actually told the website did not exist! - and it has. my elements poem Niobium (Nb) - Niobe's Loss can be found among the 300 pages of poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

i haven't been feeling too well over the last few days, but managed to get a fair bit of prep work done this weekend anyway. i have been sleeping better, but that is probably due to the slightly increased dosage (75 instead of 50 mg) of trittico retard that i have been taking since my last appointment with the doctor. i had my second therapy session this week, the next will be on thursday. tackling one of my number one issues. the progressive muscle relaxation exercises are going really well. i look forward to those 40 minutes of peace and quiet and relaxation every day. in my opinion this is one of the things they should teach in schools!

i'm going to watch along came polly on tv later, do some ironing and submit a few poems to foursquare. a glass of wine would go nicely with all of that, but ... *sigh* it will have to be chocolate instead. :)

song of the day: sylvie by sweet honey in the rock.


Anonymous said...

meniscus: yay for trillium! yay for relaxation! boo for no vino (i'll make up for you in that area, rest assured)... but more yay for chocolate! double yay for 4square! triple score & yahoo for the reading and offing all those chaps-- who needs all those things hanging around?!

enjoy the week(end)

michi said...

nic -

thanks for the many "yay!"s. and yay for you! :)

and maybe some day we can have some vino together, you and i.

m x