Monday, December 10, 2007

Just Three Words ...

... on facebook is soooo addictive. trust me. bob started it. sylvia is doing it. and so am i. curious?

song of the day: pearl's a singer by elkie brooks, which suddenly popped into my head this morning for the first time in years.


Merc said...

The three-word story was going well, but it seems to have been hijacked and a bunch of stories I'd never seen have been attributed to me. ???? So I've deleted the application - for the second time. Think it has to do with whether or not the thread goes public.

Merc said...

But it is addictive ... specially now that the technical problems are sorted.

michi said...

yup, it is! it is!!! :)

i am sure bob is already thinking about a market for it ... *g*

Jason Rubenstein said...

Thanks! Yeah.. I am adding to stories when I should be working..

Sorry about the tech glitches. Things seem to be working well now, and smoothly.

One thing that helps is to start a story that's "Friends Only" - the public can't add words to it at that point.

As far as stories that are mis-attributed, I haven't seen that one occur - but it's something I better look into. If there's a story that you didn't start and the system reports that you started.. this is odd.

Jason / JTW