Friday, December 07, 2007

weird dream

i had a really strange dream last night. i was in labour. i gave birth to two babies, then the midwife said "there is more." she paused. she added: "but it isn't just one, they're twins." so there i was with four babies - all of them sons. i had no idea what to do with them. there was a sheet with the time of birth for each baby - it said "00:05, 00:06, 00:07, 00:09". speed delivery, huh?

i have no idea who the father was - there was a man, and he was my partner, but i never saw his face in the dream.

of course we needed names, and i complained that there were no nice (german) names for boys (which is something i have done repeatedly in reality). in the end we settled on max, tom, a name that i don't remember now, and then came up with luca for baby #4. (i actually like luca and max.)

i woke up, but dreamed on later: the babies were already older, and we were looking for middle names then! jeez.

and later i dreamed i walked across a small river on planks, with luca.


song of the day: in shock by kristin hersh.

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