Thursday, December 06, 2007


poemeleon's prose poem issue has gone live, with lots and lots of words by jeannine hall gailey, eve rifkah, mark cunningham, andrena zawinski, and many others. i have two elements poems in this issue: caesium and silicon.

the publication of cahoots magazine has been delayed. soon, they say.

foursquare editor jessica smith has contacted me to solicit some of my work for the next issue - needless to say i was/am thrilled. foursquare's list of contributors reads like a who is who of small press poets. so, i guess i will have to choose a few poems on the weekend.

i received a short "fan letter" yesterday. made my day.

i have begun to send out chapbooks, but some of you will have to wait until i have received the second shipment, because i have already run out of copies - or will have, after tomorrow's open mic, where i will present secret meanings. :)

i have contacted quite a few poets to swap chapbooks with them, and have already received ryan murphy's down with the ship and arlene ang's secret love poems. yay for chapbooks! :)

this is my reply to nathan h's haiku:

december is not
as hot as it used to be
due to being single

song of the day: military of the heart by naked lunch:
we don't need entertainment
we entertain ourselves

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