Sunday, May 13, 2007

poetry, a graduation, and a new toy

my poem what is the sound of one hand clapping? can now be read at juked. i am in excellent company there, so make sure you have a good look around.

i am finishing my second round of 10 days - 10 poems today. these are the titles:

01. ain't misbehavin'
02. Rubidium (Rb) - The day I fell in love with a rock
03. his mouth says no, his heart says
04. harold (From Mrs M Garbage's Mencyclopaedia Austriaca)
05. ainigma
06. ekleipsis
07. summetros
08. hypnos
09. nitrogen (n) - dissolution
10. Fluorine (F) - The day I fell in love with an urban legend
(still working on this one, i must confess)

here's one of them - thanks to the ever-busy ms ang for inspiration. i nicked her form. :)


in riddles :
sing votives : nail
the sharp snap of vinyl : ainissesthai
you whisper : moon swim across a skylight : moon become
        our skylight : spark to straw to flame : like a tongue
cut off in a fishmouth : the silence of arousal : folds that cease

to murmur : a widowed heart turns purple in secret in heat
        indicting a wax leak : find me cherry red : find me
relentless : adam adam : trade me in for a fable : a leap out
of the fish bowl : fingers fold desire
like a paper swan &
it floats : oh
it floats

i was out of town for a couple of days - caught a very early train to klagenfurt on friday, the town where my brother martin recently finished his master's degree in history, and where he is now studying for his ph.d. they held the graduation ceremony at 12 on friday. my other brother markus and his girlfriend came, and of course my parents, and lots of martin's friends. the ceremony itself was nice, martin read out the vows. his friends and some of the professors also came along for a drink afterwards, and even to the meal at lovely maria loreto on the shore of wörthersee (carinthia's biggest lake). martin's friends are really lovely - and they must like him a lot, and obviously think highly of him. so yes, i was a proud older sister! it was fun, and it was a shame that i could not go out with the lot at night, but it would have been too complicated to get back to my hometown from there.

here are a few pics, there are many more - of family, friends, and the scenery - on my website.

brother & sister

family: markus, martin, me, mom, dad

playboy bunny?!

almost like the sea

maria loreto

and my dad proved to be very, very generous: he gave me one of his digital cameras, because he is not using it. and i am not talking about one of those little pocket things. i am talking about this - the fuji finepix s9500:

we were talking photography (my dad's *really* good), and he mentioned it, and i said i wished i could afford one of those, and well - basically he said "you can have it". wow. i am soooooo looking forward to playing with it! i think i'll be out and about a lot when i have time off work in june! watch this space for results.

song of the day: another sunny day by belle & sebastian.


Collin said...

You are so disciplined with your writing. I am revising my new manuscript and I had to write a new poem to link one part of the manuscript to the other and I've been brooding over it for a week. Sigh.

The camera looks very cool. What a sweet daddy you have.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I envy anyone who can fire up on all four cylinders to such good effect. My poems are eked out drop by drop.

SarahJane said...

hi michi -
great to see you at juked.
love the pix - and what a very cool camera. your dad is probably unloading a lot of guilt with it, since he spent a fortune on it and never used it. So feel good.

michi said...

collin - i used to believe that i could only write when something "came to me". then i tried the 30 days - 30 poems, and kept going for 90 days. and i did 180 days between last autumn and early this year. madness. it can be tough sometimes. but it is easier to keep going than to try and get back into it, most of the time.

good luck with your manuscript! i am looking forward to another book. :)

dick - thanks for stopping by!

sarah - thanks, and i *do* feel good. i asked my dad whether he wanted me to try and sell it on ebay or something, but he said no. lucky me. :)