Monday, May 14, 2007

grinning happily

john vick made my day late last week when he sent me a note saying he had chosen me/my work for the quarterly award at the adroitly placed word. it is official now, so i am sharing the good news. i am honoured, thrilled, and busy trying to decide which books to spend the $50 gift certificate on. big hug to john for all the work he does, and for being a lovely guy. do send him your work, too.

oh, and you can still read and listen to my poetry there.

song of the day: my moon my man by feist.


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Hooray!! Congratulations Michi - it's very well deserved. I love hearing your voice. And congratulations on juked, as well. You're tearing it up!

Rachel Mallino said...

michi, congrats - you deserve it! Is that feist song off of her new album? Have you heard it yet?

michi said...

sharon, thank you! and i am such good company ... ;)

rachel, yes that song is off "the reminder". i got the album two days ago, have listened to it about three times. it's quite, quite good. this song was the first one i fell in love with.


Arlene said...

wheeee! congrats on the award, mouthing!

and my, what a huge camera you've got, granma. teehee. i bet you enjoy zooming in and out.

did you see that nimrod's up and blogging again? being graphic as always. tsk.


michi said...

well well well look who's dragged her sorry ass over to her wife's blog ... if that isn't animal, in all her usual splendour! :-p

thanks for the congrats - and hey, you know they have a term for what's behind those camera comments. it is penisneid in german. *teehee*

of course i know that n is blogging again - he must have suddenly thought that he had something to say after all. he is funny when he is delusional.


m x