Saturday, May 19, 2007

poem & picture post

doing another round of 10:10 - so if i finish this one (and i will, if it is the last thing i do *lol*), i will effectively have done a 30:30. ha. titles so far:

01. serial eve
02. report with headache (that was my migraine day ...)
03. onion (still very much work in progress)
04. paradeisos
05. carbon (c) - adamant

here's today's poem:

carbon (c)

this is
their first
night : a distant
star blinks its blessing : clouds nudge
one another past the scene : the garden becomes a whisper :
         a split tongue healing with soft sounds : adamas :
rounded & red : like unplucked apples : who conquers whom :

his breath her hair : her hair his spine : he sees daughters in
         eve's eyes : blueprints in the dazzling half-moons of
her fingernails : pupils dilate : hands become aware of all the
secrets that lie in the rising & falling :
but the naming of
things can

i'm really enjoying this form. :)

had a note from trillium that two of my poems made it to the final round - keep your fingers crossed!

received steve mueske's a mnemonic for desire, and the digerati anthology. enjoying them a lot so far.

and here's one of the first pics taken with the new camera (changed the colour in photoshop, of course):

and something good happened today. but hey, a girl has got to have her secrets. ;)

song of the day: i'm so excited by the pointer sisters.