Sunday, May 20, 2007

poetry in the park

since the weather was lovely again yesterday, i went to volksgarten, one of the beautiful inner city parks, for the poetry in the park event. several poets from latin america were reading, as this was the closing event of the latin american poetry festival in vienna, graz & munich. i don't speak spanish, but understand some of it, but of course german translations were provided, and it is still enjoyable to hear poets read in their own language. the writers group labyrinth were also performing, there was music, and they had two open mic slots. i was asked to read, but for some reason i was not in the mood. i particularly enjoyed the poems by pura lópez colomé, daniel muxica, evelyn holloway, and one performed by homemade gordon banks and peter waugh.

the most wonderful thing however, was a little girl who, clearly curious and fascinated by camilo antonio's performance, began to clap her hands and did some little dance - arms raised, knees bending, head bobbing - in perfect rhythm, apparently oblivious of the audience.

i'd brought my camera, so here are some pictures of the reading, and the gorgeous roses (and their sometimes odd names - i got a kick out of the one called "nationalstolz" (national pride) being all crooked *L*):

jean & homemade gordon banks

edwin madrid

poetry is rhythm -
camilo antonio and his young fan

the venue - theseustempel @ volksgarten

red & white beauty

homemade gordon banks smelling the roses

pink delight

i'll upload more pics to my website or yahoo album asap.

song of the day: good year for the roses by elvis costello.


Liz said...

Hey Michi, nice photos and nice run-down, I still haven't been next nor near a poetry event - hopefully this summer in Ireland I'll get to a few festivals!

Love the new camera, even though it looks a bit complicated for me ; ) I wish you many happy out-and-about times with it ; )

see you in 10:10!


megalopoet said...

lovely pixels, dahling. and po in the park seems deevinely inspired. what environs to listen to the wordz. surely you'll read... yes, yes you will.

am *dying* to know this "secret"...
must. wait. like. good. girl.

enjoy the sun and such.
and the roses. yes, the roses.

& late congrats on the vick award.

Rachel Mallino said...


Love the rose picture!

Arlene said...

i like that pic of him smelling the flower. reminds of me something, but i can't put my finger in it. hmmmmm. does it ring your bell?

being thoughtful and sober today,