Friday, May 25, 2007

an evening out with ...

... the lovely, very fun and in-love-with-vienna john siddique, fellow poet and star in *his* own soap opera (ie life). apparently i saved him from being "bored stupid" in his tiny viennese hotel room on tuesday by joining him for dinner and conversation. amazingly enough (not!), we had lots to talk about - not all words used up in writing, it seems: we've both had a rather tough year, with lots going on, a few major changes, and the craziest things happening. we had a good laugh about life in general, and ourselves in particular, and toasted some rather unusual things. of course we did talk poetry, too: i made a few notes of must-read-books, we talked about john's new book poems from a northern soul, workshops, our poetic heroes and heroines, and john signed my copy of his latest, while i signed my chapbook for him. i'll be at his workshop and reading tomorrow afternoon, and am looking forward to both.

mr siddique has stolen my halo

almost like a pro ;)

i finished another round of 10:10 on wednesday - so effectively, i have done another 30:30, because i did three consecutive rounds. here are the last five titles:

06. another entry in the bedroom book of lies
07. potassium (k) - final
08. bios
09. august:
10. today, i don't like poetry

got a short rejection note from caffeine destiny, and one from tupelo press; i badly need to send out more subs, and am waiting to hear back from quite a few zines.

check out ms ang & co's latest baby: press 1, it looks gooooood!

i still have not uploaded the poetry in the park pictures, but here are a couple taken on tuesday evening:

gum, anyone?

pain in the neck?! *g*

the fact that i have worn a skirt twice this week can only mean one thing: it is summer.

and ... since a girl has got to have secrets - i've got another one! :-p

song of the day: california dreamin' by the mamas & the papas.

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