Saturday, May 26, 2007

more john siddique

i was at john siddique's poetry workshop this afternoon - quite a few participants (among them some familiar faces: sylvia petter, nathan horowitz, jean kremlicka, and of course vienna lit's julia novak), and some very useful tips and ideas from john. we did three exercises, and i think there is at least one poem in my notes. john used poems by helen dunmore (Glad of these times), raymond carver (Jean's TV), and galway kinnell (Daybreak) as starting points for the exercises. some day i'd love to do a longer workshop with john - a couple of hours just isn't enough.

john had asked me to read a particular poem at his reading - how to bury the dead, which was published in poetry salzburg review last autumn. and who am i to say no to such a request? jean kremlicka read first, a response poem to john's Yes. john read from The Prize, Poems from a Northern Soul, his book of poetry for young people Don't wear it on your head, don't stick it down your pants, and unpublished material. he included two of my favourite of his poems, Variola and Cheap Moisturiser.

a bunch of vienna lit people, john and i went for ice cream afterwards. john's leaving tomorrow, and he is not happy about it. i'm sure i'm not the only one who's hoping he'll be back soon.

quote of the day: embrace the madness! (john s.)

sound of the day: cheap moisturiser by john siddique.

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