Sunday, May 06, 2007

lola & gilda

yesterday afternoon, der blaue engel (the blue angel) was on tv. i don't remember having seen the entire film before, but i am sure i must have at some point in my childhood/teens. i doubt i'll forget it again. i think what fascinated me most, were the two clowns, particularly professor rath (emil jannings) as the clown during the last half hour or so. that look on his face - haunting. as is his crowing on stage. no words could have conveyed his despair any better. and of course, lola (marlene dietrich) - her reaction to his marriage proposal, and her eyes. they're showing a dietrich documentary tonight (on the 15th anniversary of her death) which i am going to watch.

by coincidence i switched on the tv at 00:30 last night, and the movie gilda was just about to start. i had not seen it in ages, so i stayed up watching it. how could anyone not love it? i adore the guitar scene, where gilda (rita hayworth) sits singing put the blame on mame to uncle pio before johnny (glenn ford) wakes up.

so many scenes in this movie simply sizzle. not just the hair-tossing scene.

song of the day: put the blame on mame by rita hayworth. what else.


Mrs. Chambers said...

Oh, I love(!) Gilda! Haven't seen it since 1994!!!! Sounds like you've had some wonderful viewing experiences...


michi said...

mrs chambers, eh? so formal! ;)

maybe i should grow my hair so i can toss it like ms hayworth ... though i'm afraid my singing's not quite as good, nor my performance skills. and i cannot walk in high heels. hm. maybe i'll stick to writing poetry instead.



Collin said...

Two brilliant films I haven't seen in ages. Must add these to my rental queue. Cheers!

Mrs. Chambers said...

Yes, Michi. It's Mrs. Chambers now...perhaps Mrs. Parker's second coming.

*Dons tie and top hat.