Tuesday, January 29, 2008

today ...

... i've been called crazy (in a good way. i think.), wonderful, lovely, (very nice), supportive, fun, a super trainer, the best. i've been hugged. someone made me laugh at 06.40 a.m. and my lovely students, the group i'd been teaching for 8 weeks, gave me this:

flowers from andreas, renate, robert, reinhard, henry, regina, dariusz, franz, birgit, johanna, nadine, martha, irene, karin.

i was/am not as sad as i often am on the last day, because i will see half of my students again next monday when english III starts, so i will see them again for another eight weeks. it was absolutely touching to see how happy they were when they heard they could all join my next class! :)

and happy birthday to my friend and colleague nathan! :)

song of the day: you ain't seen nothing yet by bachman turner overdrive.


Bebe said...

Hi Michi,

I am enjoying your Greek Letters, I got them yesterday and have read them all once, some of them 3 or 4 times. They make my brain rattle, a very good thing. Love your song of the day, one of my personal favorites. Wishing you a wonderful day

:) brenda

Anonymous said...

are those mooon lillies?
wonderful to have such goodies from good students!
enjoy in your crazy-in-a-good way.