Monday, January 28, 2008

(chap)books are piling up ...

... in casa michi! in the mail today: jayne pupek's Forms of Intercession; jared michael wahlgren's chariots of flame; steve mueske's Whatever the Story Requires. now all i need is time ...

apart from weekends being a) too short, b) filled with work, c) incredibly stormy and rainy, they also sometimes start with a trip to the dentist. had to go friday evening, because one of the teeth that had caused problems a couple of years ago was definitely not alright. things are made difficult by my dodgy, tight root canals, and the doctor said that if what she tried on friday won't work ... well, it might have to come out. and my teeth don't just "come out". my teeth need to be dug out. torn out. drilled out. i don't even want to think about the agony i went through a couple of years ago. enough to last me a lifetime!

nine hours in class today, pretty much non-stop. two groups. we watched an episode of blackadder this morning, and monty python's quest for the holy grail, and we listened to monty python songs. it's my last day with that group tomorrow. :(

little miss m is knackered and will watch grey's anatomy now.

song of the day: running for our lives by marianne faithfull.


Anonymous said...

oh, i'll consult my almanac for good teeth days for you and make a mouth poultice. i wish you painless work and good reading-- what lovely titles to wade through.

enjoy the mcdreamies!

michi said...

meganic - i am still wading through your, erm, body. oh you know. :) loving it.

mcdreamy got a little mean today, but only because of looooooove.

thanks for always stopping by here, dearie!


k1tchenwitch said...

There's nothing quite like good mail days, and I'm glad to hear you're having lots of 'em lately.

I don't handle dentist visits well at all. I bring my knees to my chest and get in full-body clench mode until it's over (my dentist tells me I'm giving him a complex). I'll think good tooth thoughts for you and hope it won't come to teeth having to come out.

Blackadder!! Monty Python!! It's possible you're my soul sister and we were separated at birth.

michi said...

t - you must be a genuine witch! after all, you were burned this morning in the film ... ;)

nice to see you round here!

and actually, friday at the dentist's was the first time in a while i felt a bit panicky. had to tell myself to keep breathing, keep breathing ...