Saturday, February 02, 2008

another book and one more cd ...

... arrived in the mail yesterday: mike dockins sent me his full-length collection slouching in the path of a comet in exchange for my two chapbooks. and he threw in fame for zoe, his band clop's debut cd which i am enjoying a lot. go check clop out on myspace!

i went to the open mic yesterday evening but did not read - i just wasn't in the mood. next time. it was nice to see my poet friends again, especially since i had missed the january open mic.

i also had my hair cut yesterday - and for the first time in many years, it's not veryvery short. and why? as the zurich commercial puts it - "because change happens". :)

my weekend will be: working, dying my hair, working, tidying up a bit, some scrabble moves, working, and working some more.

my eye looks brownish green here - weird.

song of the day: an hour at lloyd's by clop.


Anonymous said...

LOVE that scarlet coat, dearie. and that eye! that eye!

Collin said...

Mike is a friend of mine and I've had the pleasure of sharing a stage with him on a number of occasions. His collection is really just fantastic.