Saturday, December 15, 2007

it's snowing again

but this post is not about snow. except maybe to say that the funny little styrofoam-like snow"flakes" yesterday after work looked rather cute on my new red coat and the black scarf.

bob hewis put on one of his many personas on thursday evening, got out his guitar and played johnny cash songs to a mostly appreciative audience (yes i am talking about YOU two guys and one girl in the corner who would not shut up even during the quieter songs!) at verein08 in vienna. i was especially pleased to hear a song originally written by will oldham (aka bonnie prince billy) called i see a darkness, hurt, and when the man comes around. and yes, bob, you are right: there *is* something sexy about tennessee stud. ;)

i had an hour to catch up on things with birgit on monday, i did not make it to one of the many christmas markets with a couple of friends on tuesday evening because i had a killer headache, i had some lovely girl talk with ms hillary keel on thursday afternoon, i missed my friend bo's emails as well as chatting with gudrun this week, i have become addicted to grey's anatomy, i looooooove my new red coat, and i enjoy the winding-down-after-work sessions with nathan.

i dragged myself to the company christmas party yesterday evening, after having fallen asleep during my PMR exercises, but it was actually quite nice - especially seeing my ex-colleagues from the good old floridsdorf days. the food was lovely as usual, and all i drank was still water.

a long chapter was closed last night when i followed my instincts and made a phone call. the story was one of love and lies, promises and passion, hope and disappointments, happiness and hurting, hellos and goodbyes, longing and loss, and i was one of the three main characters - alongside another woman and a man - and nobody won in the end. i was actually pleasantly surprised by the conversation and felt strangely relieved after the phone call, and calmer than i had in a long time.

song of the day: i see a darkness by bonnie prince billy. even though everything is not bleak today. but it is a beautiful song.

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