Monday, December 17, 2007

there's always a first time. sometimes even two.

this has never happened before: today when i woke up i thought, hmm, somehow it's awfully light outside for 06.30 ... then i checked my alarm clock and it said 02.30. that could not be right. then i was up and out of bed and i'm afraid i used some not very ladylike words to express my horror when i discovered it was 8! which is when my class starts. i was out the door within 15 minutes despite having to wash my hair. (i tell you, it WAS necessary. you have not seen me in the morning ...)

normally, my body clock is very reliable, and i wake up a couple of minutes before the alarm goes off, but i had a panic attack last night, around 0.30 and had to take half a xanor, because my hands were all numb, and i found it hard to breathe, and needed to sleep - and so, sleep i did. the meds must have switched off my body clock.

then the bus had a mini-accident because the car in front had to brake suddenly, and ... ah, you know. monday, eh?

i was 40 minutes late and i was mortified. my students were lovely though.

and then things went well, i made it home alive, which is good or i would never have read the acceptance note from qarrtsiluni - it was the first time i tried them, and they have accepted a photo for their insecta issue. hooray!

and now i am back from a very nice chat with my friend tom and will watch tonight's episode of grey's anatomy and try to get some sleep. until 06.30. not 8.

song of the day: get to leave by howe gelb off the album 'sno angel like you, a birthday present from my lovely friend sabine.

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