Wednesday, June 13, 2007

walking among the nameless dead

i finally made it to the cemetery of the nameless yesterday afternoon. it's situated near an industrial port, it's tiny, and definitely worth a visit. i thought i'd get caught in a thunderstorm, or at least in the rain, because it started to drizzle when i walked down the road from the bus stop to the cemetery, and there was thunder, and lightning on the horizon, but i was lucky.

most of the graves don't bear a name, some simply say "nameless". the people buried there were found dead on the shores of the danube near the port; people who'd committed suicide, drowned, been killed - many of them were never identified. one of the saddest graves is that of an 11 year old boy who was murdered in 1904.

i took tons of photos on the cemetery ...

... and also of the old buildings (mills, warehouses, etc) of the alberner hafen (the port).

on my way home, i walked around a market in simmering (vienna's 11th district), or the remains of it: deserted shops, smashed windows, graffiti on the walls, pigeons nesting everywhere.

more pictures, though not all 165 i took ... ;)

i seem to have overdosed on poetry. i don't feel like writing, and i have noticed that when i am out and about, i seem to see things through the photographer's eye, not the poet's. and i have not touched a book of poetry in about a week now - after months and months of reading nothing but poetry (not typical of me, really, because i normally need to read novels as well). perhaps i simply need a break. i received an acceptance note from eclectica, two of my poems will be published in their july issue.

song of the day: bastardo by charlotte hatherley.

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