Thursday, June 14, 2007

amid the grumpdom and blahness ...

... that seems to have taken possession of me yesterday (headache, pms, temperature, impending divorce, temporarily disappeared and undelivered passport, muggy city, and suchlike), some good news:

one of my favourite magazines, pebble lake review, has accepted one of my poems (you've been flirting again)! it'll be published in their summer issue, and i was so thrilled, i was grinning at the computer screen for at least 15 minutes.

i came across some terrific music today, by kristin hersh, cat power, pink martini, wilco, laura veirs, and others.

and - i owe a few smiles, chuckles and even hearty laughs to the master de-grumpy-fier; thank you again. (he knows who he is. as for everyone else - i'll ask whether you can book him. *g*)

here's a little "oinkment" - for sarah. ;)

song of the day: lilly by pink martini.


SarahJane said...

hee! too much.

many congrats on pebble lake. lovely place, and glad to hear you're grinning.

one of my colleagues spent sun-thurs in vienna and said it was very muggy, too. oh, and smelled like horses. do hope to make it there myself, in better weather.


Collin said...

Congrats on Pebble Lake! I love that mag.

michi said...

sarah, it's been muggy and hot for a while now. it's more like august than then first half of june!

the first district tends to smell of horses, due to the fiaker, the horse carriages.

and yes, you should come and visit. but i agree, in better weather. spring, or autumn.

and thanks, sarah and collin, for the congrats.