Saturday, June 16, 2007

another national park

exactly six years ago, i got married in church, and around this time, our wedding party was in full swing. yesterday, on the anniversary of our civil ceremony, sepp and i signed the papers that i am supposed to drop off in court on monday, to file for divorce. it was decidedly more fun six years ago. *s*

in need of distraction this weekend, i went to illmitz today, a small town in burgenland, to explore some of the neusiedler see (lake neusiedl) - seewinkel national park. not all of the park's actually in austria, a part of it lies across the border in hungary. the landscape's quite unique - steppe, with lots of small salt lakes, apart from lake neusiedl itself (no more than 1,8m deep, surrounded by reeds) - which serves as a habitat for about 300 species of birds as well as other animals.

i know next to nothing about birds, but i saw - and heard! - some i had never seen before, i'm sure. i also got to see geese, a rather big rabbit, a deer, beautiful butterflies, dragonflies, the white albino donkeys they're breeding, and some of the storks that the area is so famous for.

it was quite a hot day, and i was grateful for the breeze. back home i found out i got pretty sunburned - that's one of the problems when you live alone. there are parts of your body that you cannot really reach properly. ;) i've got the craziest pattern on my back now, what with the spaghetti straps, and backpack straps, and so on. *g*

i thought i'd walked about 13,14 km, but according to the map, it was around 18 km. good exercise. :)

of course i took tons of photos again, here are a few:

more photos

song of the day: what light by wilco.

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