Tuesday, June 12, 2007

32872 days - happy birthday, liebe oma!

my "oma" (granny) turns 90 today (12 june), so the family and some friends got together on sunday to say happy birthday. my uncle erich, his partner eva, my cousin anna-maria came from vienna (her sister was away on business); my brothers markus and martin were there; oma's caretaker henriette and my grandmother's old friends helly and rita joined us, as well as herr and frau rabitsch, friends of the family.

my dad wrote a loooooong poem for my granny, in our carinthian dialect, which was all about her life, from her childhood years as a real tomboy up until now. it was great fun, and it was lovely to see the elderly ladies giggling and laughing. :)

shame that oma's sister was not there - she is 98 this year. her son thought it might be a bit much for her to join the dinner party, although she's doing really very well for her age, a model of positive thinking.

it was nice to see my cousin again, we never ever see each other even though we live in the same city. she's fun.

here are a few photos:

my dad reading his poem for oma ...

... and me, finding it funny :)

oma and her friend helly being very amused

oma with her friends helly (left) and rita (right), and my mom

family & friends:
back: oma's friend rita, frau and herr rabitsch, me, mom, helly, anna-maria, eva, erich, martin
front: henriette, oma, markus

more pictures

song of the day: happy birthday to you! by the whole family and friends :).

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SarahJane said...

great pictures!
happy birthday to your omi.