Saturday, April 14, 2007


it's summer - or so it seems. it has been waaaay too warm for about a week now - up to 27°C (that's about 80F for you americans *G*), picture-book blue sky, barely any wind ... gorgeous. the only down side is that my allergy is worse than last year when it was a lot wetter, and we'd actually had a proper winter. so, since birch trees and hazelnuts don't like me, it's red eyes and sneezing at the moment ...

life has been
crazysadtoughsunnylonelyblackhappydarkscarywhitechallenging and more, lately.

i've been reading john siddique's poems from a northern soul, the latest issue of poetry salzburg review (john siddique has a few poems in it), and marie howe's what the living do. here is one of her poems:


Driving out of town, I see him crossing
the Brooks Pharmacy parking lot, and remember

how he would drop to his knees in the kitchen
and press his face to my dress, his cheek flat against

my belly as if he were listening for something.
Somebody might be waiting for coffee in the living room,

someone might be setting the dining room table, he'd
place his face under my dress and press his cheek

against my belly and kneel there, without saying anything.
How is it possible that I am allowed to see him

like this - walking quickly by the glass windows?

- what he wears in the world without me,
his hands swinging by his side, his cock quiet

in his jeans, his shirt covering
his shoulders, his own tongue in his mouth.

Marie Howe
i am not writing, but i will try to get back into the swing of things soon. i need new material to submit, and i miss writing.

song of the day: where did my baby go? by john legend.


Liz said...

Hi Michi, great sunshine report. We have rain here today.

Love the poem. Hope all is well with you.


Arlene said...

congrats on getting juked, too! wheeee!

sorry to hear about the allergy. i hear that it can drive you crazy... not that you aren't already. teehee.

hope to see you back in 30:30. i'm trying to lift my sorry ass from the bed. but the laptop is heavy. it's a dead weight on top of me. it makes alien purring sounds, too.


rae said...


congrats on juked! Love the poem you posted, Howe is one of my favorite poets.

Anonymous said...

jealous and how of yr summery. we've just seen about 5 in. of snow (16 feet for euroconversion) each weekend. thankfully it didn't stick. just the biting wind now.

hugeHUGEhuge congrats-- do you *ever* get tired of hearing that? *yee* i'll just send me luv & backpats for eternity dahling. that should cover me til your next round of pubs...

glad to see you back in the swing...

Christine said...

Congrats, and I LOVE this book by Howe. I've read it many times.

You picked a good poem out of it.

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Wheee! Congratulations on juked - seems like all the *cool* people are in there lately ; )

Come write with us in 30/30. There's only 3 of us at the moment - plenty of room. Oh, and send some of your sunshine. We're in typical Oregon spring weather mode: rain-sun-rain-wind-sun-hail-sun-rain, all in a 30 minute span. I'm ready for just plain sun.