Saturday, April 21, 2007

the past seven days

back at my old workplace - ah but i had missed *my* guys! this is only for six weeks, until 30 may. i have a group of 12 ladies, and i am teaching from 8.30 to 4. so far, time has gone by rather quickly. none of my students are real beginners, which is nice; less stressful, and there should not be any problems, time-wise, or with the tests.

i've spent the last few days working hard, and late, on a project i had been putting off for months and months. watch this space for the news, it won't be long. :)

i'm contemplating a 10:10, though not a 30:30 at the moment. i've scribbled a little, but haven't got an actual poem, though a few lines / ideas ("I admit to ugliness." * * * "if I were ginger, I'd creep into every dish" * * * "There isn't a dream that keeps falling out of your pocket.") today i was encouraged to sit down and write again soon, because "there are so many different women inside you, and they need to be heard". i hope that wasn't just a nice way of telling me i am schizophrenic. ;)

mannequin envy's first print anthology TRIM is now available; it's a best of 2003-2006, with work by - to name but a few - arlene ang (of course), liz gallagher, rachel mallino, corey mesler, maurice oliver, taylor graham, teresa white, lynn strongin, lisa zaran, john sweet, donald illich, stephen mead, eve anthony hanninen, c. l. bledsoe, and me.

apart from that --

i did something foolish ~ i did something smart ~ i had ice-cream ~ i have finally revived my myspace pages ~ i had a sore throat on sunday, monday, and today ~ i cried ~ i laughed ~ i received the new poetry collection gardenias for a beast by my dear friend and mentor teresa white ~ we had a little bit of rain, but not enough ~ i bought the bilingual edition of neruda's 100 love sonnets (and now i only need someone to read them to) ~ nobody made dinner for me, but i made dinner for someone ~ ordered steve mueske's a mnemonic for desire and the digerati anthology ~ bought the four weddings and a funeral dvd on ebay ~ bought the hours on dvd from amazon (had been meaning to for ages, so thanks to ms nic for kind of reminding me) ~ i dreamed a lot, mostly weird things ~ i watched the tennis fed cup (austria vs australia) ~ i listened to regina spektor a lot ~ i spent way too much time in front of the computer ~ i've been missing more than one person ~ sarah sloat has a wonderful poem up at blood oranges ~ i had a rejection from knock ~ i caught up on blogreading ~ i taught english ~ i sneezed a lot, but less than the previous week ~ i read poetry on my way to and from work ~ i still feel as if i were in the middle of some soap opera, but i'm afraid it's my life

i have also been cursing windows vista, but thank goodness for firefox and the "resume session" button, without which i assume this post would have been lost, because the bloody system crashed before i could save the draft.

song of the day: fidelity by regina spektor.


Arlene said...

you forgot to mention calling me and pretending to offer cremation services. tsk. teehee.

heard that windows vista is a bit worse than xp. you have all my sympathy.

yay for the moooooooo look!


Rachel Mallino said...

There must be something in the air - I changed the look of my blog, too! I do like the new look Michi - it's very clean.

10:10 might be a good spot to get the juices flowing without having that huge commitment on your back. I hope you're feeling better.

- Rach

SarahJane said...

I really like the new blogname and this look. Rachel just went green. I am feeling very crusty and molded.
Very nice about the anthology! Good poets in there.

happy day

SarahJane said...

oh, and so glad you liked my poem.