Saturday, August 30, 2008

in case anybody's been wondering ...

... yes, i *am* still alive. just. ;)

i've been "on holidays" (from the teaching jobs) since saturday, but in fact i have been working my a** off translating the armenian massacres in ottoman turkey. ka and i still have not received it as a word document, so we cannot use the computer aided translation tool, which makes it all a little more difficult. but i have done over 60 pages now, and i am pleased. i work best at night, so there have been a few late ones ...

i manage to still have a little bit of a life in between though: i saw gudrun and the kids, i met my new italian friend luca and his lovely bike aloisia twice, and i had a lovely evening at nathan & ka's with ronnie and erin and nathan's dad. there are of course pictures, but ... no time for editing and all that. and sometimes a girl needs to have fun, too. ;)

today i was at a heurigen just outside vienna for poetry and music, many of the usual suspects were there. i read four poems, two of them accompanied by martin schönlieb (flute, guitar).

green, with a touch of autumn

the secret meanings of wood

nathan, sort of.

while it's been hot again lately, there is more than just a hint of autumn in the air in the mornings and at night. i made myself a little sunny office in my livingroom so that i'd get some sunshine while slaving away:

my sunny workplace

monday morning i'm off to carinthia to see my parents for a few days. i hope the weather is okay, i really need fresh air and space and nature, though i doubt i'll be able to relax, what with work work work at the back of my mind ...

song of the day: sweet darling by she & him.


Nic Sebastian said...

*I've* been wondering! Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

oooh! my moonluna lady! i got your wonderful treat via la postale. *licks lips*

it's deevine, my doll. and for the mr. to have signed it, too?! *huge squeeeee*

much XoX2u

michi said...

nic - thanks. :) nice to know there is life out there!

and nic2 (only this time, you knoooooow you are my number 1 nic en el mundo!) - glad it got there alright, and i only waited this long so i'd / we'd be able to send you one signed by both of us. so when you sell it on ebay some day you can ask even more for it. ;)
hugs back from this insanely busy sortofpoetess xo

Arlene said...

thanks for the b-greeting, michi!

hope you had a great time in carinthia. it sounds lovely.