Thursday, August 21, 2008

powderfinger & other things

and there i was thinking that august would be relatively quiet. well. turns out i was wrong. georg, our project co-ordinator, has been on holidas these three weeks, and i had to take on some of his responsibilities, which kept me particularly busy the last three days. lots of administration stuff. not really very exciting.

ka and i still haven't got the electronic version of the book we are translating, which is NOT good, because we want to use a CAT tool (computer aided translation). september will be crazy busy.

i also taught two english classes this week, one called "laughter is the best medicine", the other about new zealand. the students seemed to enjoy it, and that's good. :)

last thursday i was at a nice little gig by steve gander & the dangers of shakti here in vienna. it was a fun night with good music and a lot of laughter. i took photos but have not edited them yet. too much other stuff to do.

on sunday i went to the lovely days festival in wiesen (burgenland) for the first time, thanks to a friend of mine. it was the perfect day for it - sunny and warm, but not unbearably hot, no rain. we missed most of hans theessink's performance, which was a shame, but we didn't think they would actually start that early. i was rather disappointed by adam green's performance. i'd seen him three times before, and the other concerts were most definitely better, the first one i saw the best of all. or maybe it just didn't work as well in that setting. wishbone ash and the waterboys were okay, but if i'd had any say in it, i would have put hans theessink on just before the main act, neil young.

and neil young was fantastic. it was the first time for me, and i was - and am - impressed. the man can play! and it is always a joy to watch musicians who are obviously having fun. he sang older and newer stuff, even heart of gold, my my hey hey, helpless and a favourite of mine, powderfinger. if you have a chance to see him, do.

song of the day: powderfinger by neil young.


Collin said...

Busy here, too, with all my new editorial duties at the day job, getting gigs set up for the new chapbook, etc. Glad you're doing well.

Arlene said...

hey, mulberry bush! i guess this beats it — neil young seems definitely alive. are you sure it was him and not someone pretending to be him?

i'm glad to see you having fun. that grasshopper is one weird date, i agree.

hope to see you back in 30:30 before the year is out!


michi said...

collin, yep, you sound busy. thanks for still finding the time to drop in here. :)

AAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHlene! you here?! wow. what have you done to be punished like that? ;)

i think it was neil young alright, though of course you never know. could have been a robot. could have been you, for all i know.

don't you just love my max? as far as grasshoppers go, she was a beauty. :)

30:30, i doubt it, but who knows.


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