Sunday, June 22, 2008

friday night football

so. what does a girl do on a friday after work? she wanders into the city to see if she can get some nice shots of croatian and turkish fans before the football match. she sits by the fountain on graben, clicking away, dangling her legs, smiling, enjoying the sunshine.

young fan

camouflaged croatian fans?

one of the croatian fans sitting nearby starts talking to her. his friend joins them and the three of them share health food - chocolate and chips.

ivan & jure posing

the girl, not a football fan, is persuaded to accompany the two guys, ivan and jure, to the fanzone. she plans to stay a little while in order to get some good pictures. but - she finds it's actually quite fun, and therefore she stays the 90 minutes. only - it is 0:0 then, so she stays the extra 30 minutes as well. croatia score just about two minutes before the game ends, but the general happiness is cut short only a minute later: 1:1. so, the girl stays to support her newly-found friends to the end, which turns out to be rather sad and disappointing for the croatian fans as turkey makes it to the next round after the penalty shoot-out.

beauty or beast?

ivan almost can't bear to look

is there life in there?

the two guys insist on driving the girl home. she invites them to crash at her place. they have pizza and the girl turns down a rather spontaneous marriage proposal - twice. so ivan is all the more heartbroken. after getting very philosophical, the three people are tired, the guys are asleep within about 7 seconds, while the girl is kept awake by a gigantic turkish party near her house.

in the morning, the guys neatly fold the covers, give the girl a hug and a kiss on the cheek and are off on their way back to croatia.

life is fun. life is weird. going with the flow is really, really worth it sometimes.

prep work, translating and housework on saturday and sunday, also helping a friend with his website. a little sleep, a little time to read and play scrabble and chat with friends. and it's almost monday again.

more pictures of croatia vs turkey, vienna

song of the day: this is the life by amy macdonald.


Bebe said...


Wonderful photos of light and shadow, kudos. I enjoyed the "football" story as it unfolded in pictures and words. Yes sometimes going with the flow reaps unexpected benefits.


:) brenda

michi said...

thank you, brenda! :)
m x