Thursday, June 19, 2008

just a few things ...

my dad is a darling. he surprised me with a nikon coolpix camera a couple of days ago when it arrived in the mail at 7.10 am! and just because we had talked about cameras a little while ago and i had told him i was considering getting me a small digital camera, because i don't always want to carry the big one around with me! :) i have not had time to play with the camera yet, but maybe on the weekend.

the reprinted copies of small confessions and pebbles of regret have finally arrived - it only took seven weeks for them to get from canada to austria ... *sigh* if you are interested in swapping or buying, let me know.

work's going well - it's just a bit much at the moment.

viennese cave painting :))

modern art

(click to enlarge)

simmering, vienna

song of the day: girls just wanna have fun by cyndi lauper.

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