Thursday, March 20, 2008

milestone and dateline and lots of laughter

so. this girl slept in her bed for the first time in a few months last night! i had actually been thinking about it for a couple of days now, and yesterday it just felt right. i slept very well, too, thank you. so - the sofa is now a sofa again, and not michi's bed.

okay, now, is the correct definition of dateline a series of dates? *g* i seem to have thrown myself on the market, and i am beginning to enjoy myself. i had a date yesterday evening, with yet another facebook friend, howard, who's originally from canada. of course, me being austrian, and him canadian, we had to go to an aussie pub! it was fun. lots of music talk, and i guess most of you know that i am a sucker for that. music, er, rocks! :)

amazing, but true - four days after the weekend, my flat is still clean and tidy and i have even managed to hang up most clothes after taking them off. do i need to start worrying?

i had my first chocolate ice cream of the season at tichy's across the street last night. of course, like every year, winter made a comeback as soon as the ice cream parlour opened. today, it snowed about 27 times, in between we had sunshine, rain, a thunderstorm, and all of the above at once. not nice. this girl is all for spring!

most of my green muffins and cookies did not survive st patrick's day. my students did. ;) it's been a good week; more fun in class today. here are my two "old guys from the muppets show", aka werner and mahmoud, laughing their, um, butts off (excuse the poor quality - mobile phone, and not exactly close-ups). and just because nadine said "i am cooking him tonight". ;)

song of the day: constant craving by k d lang.


k1tchenwitch said...

Glad to hear you're a bed-girl and no longer a sofa-girl ~ I'd say that's a *definite* biggie in terms of milestones!

And YAY for chocolate ice cream, although not so much for the wacky weather.

michi said...

bad bed-girl! :) yes!

thanks for dropping in -

x bedwitch

ps love your book. yep. i does.

Anonymous said...

nice to see a triumphant return of the girl!
love you! scamp!

*tongue wag* for your *date*lines.

meeee-yowzah! baby, it's you!

(X to the O)

michi said...

oh i have news ... i do ...

huggles to you, ms nic. late night huggles, too!

speak soon,