Thursday, February 14, 2008

more goodies

my dear friend annette m hyder surprised me with a box of goodies - i expected her book The Real Reason the Queen Hated Snow, in exchange for my own chapbox, but she also included a beanie baby puppy, valentine's day stickers, sweets, and temporary tattoos as well as a totally cool card! so a BIG THANK YOU to annette! (and you, dear blog readers, go and get her book!)

my english lesson this morning focussed on valentine's day and romance: i had my students add definitions to "love is ..." cartoons, we discussed romantic situations, read about valentine's day and the story behind it, and also read a wendy cope poem (valentine) and a w h auden poem (O Tell Me the Truth About Love). after all the talk about romance, i felt a bit lonely. i went and changed my facebook status to "michaela wants a man. now. *g*" i am glad v-day is not as big here as it is in the states, or i would have stayed in bed today!

actually, somebody has kind of, sort of, in a way half-asked me for a date. i barely know him, and i am not sure what i think. and part of me feels .. um, not ready, really.

oh and i got a red carnation from a guy in my class, and another from one of nathan's students. :)

nic sebastian has asked me to participate in her 10 questions project. i am very honoured, esp since i am in excellent company.

i've been feeling blah the last couple of days, i hope i won't come down with the flu. :(

song of the day: because by madita.

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