Sunday, November 25, 2007

lazy sunday afternoon

first of all, thanks everyone for the birthday wishes that reached me via email, blog comments, e-cards, phone, and in person! you made my day. :)

i cannot quite believe it, but my six weeks in amstetten are over! it's been fun, the commuting was not bad, actually, and i will miss some of my students. we went out for lunch on friday, which was very nice - there was a lot of laughter and teasing. thanks to nathan, one of my open mic acquaintances, i heard about a job teaching english here in vienna, and i got it! i am starting tomorrow. it's 21 hours per week, until the end of january. that's almost too good to be true, i was getting really worried, because i had nothing for the rest of the year. that's one load off my shoulders for a little while. (and no, it certainly isn't for the company who still owe me all that money!)

i am still feeling nauseous quite often, due to the meds, but at least i have not had a panic attack in a while. i do feel anxious at times, but i can control it better. i have now begun with progressive muscle relaxation (PMR), a technique developed by edmund jacobson. too soon to say anything about effects, but i'll certainly blog about it some more.

poetry-wise: nothing. :( i am supposed to be sending out subs today, but i am feeling a little blah: sore throat, tired, temperature is a bit higher than it should be. but then, nothing is wrong with a lazy day, right?

here's a cool song:

song of the day: trophy by bat for lashes.

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