Thursday, October 11, 2007


since several people tagged me, i'd better play along, right, else i'll end up having bad luck for seven and a half years or so, and that is the last thing i need.

1. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
hmmm ... pleasure doesn't usually make me feel guilty, but if you insist - it's nice to sit in a viennese café, reading or writing, when the rest of the world has got to work.

2. How do you take your coffee?
as an ice cream flavour

3. Who were you in a previous life?
a witch. in red & black. in english. such a one who, according to others, didn't know what was good for her. and loved it.

4. Who or what is your greatest influence?
um, life?

5. What is the worst film you ever paid to see?
jurassic park. my brother martin, who was just a kid then, wanted to go. i felt like asking for my money back.

6. What is the best thing you can buy for a dollar?
0.70791 Euro

7. What is the worst present you ever received?
when i was about 8 or 9, my mom had a tartan skirt tailor-made for me, even though i told her i did not want it. i don't think i ever wore it. and then there's that porcelain buddha from some asian restaurant which adds a new dimension to the concept of kitsch ...

8. What is your favorite word?
what, only one??? can't have just one. among my top favourites: madrugada. bumble-bee. murmele (in my dialect, the word for marmot).

i tag the untagged. those who'd been tagged before, can sing along to the song of the day instead:

song of the day: philosophers song by monty python's.


Andrew Shields said...

I sometimes wonder: was Rene Descartes really a drunk? Heidegger? :-)

michi said...

of course they all were, andrew. just like poets. drunkards, the lot of 'em. :)


Andrew Shields said...

Probably Arendt and Heidegger never really had an affair, in fact. They just drank together, since Heidegger's wife was a teetotaler! That's their really dirty secret. :-)

michi said...

andrew - how many times have you listened to this song now? side effects, eh? *lol*

more dirty secrets! out with them!


Liz said...

Michi, that tartan skirt sounds real groovy : )

And that 'guilty pleasure' is indeed very pleasurable...

Would adore an ice-cream of any flavour just now - I'm at home with the cupboard quite bare and it's a Saint's day here so no shops open!


Andrew Shields said...

That's the only dirty secret I know, and to quote Charlie Brown, "I just now made it up."