Tuesday, October 30, 2007

images and words

i went to see another film, savage grace, at the viennale festival on saturday. skipped the coen brothers' no country for old men, because i did not fancy queuing up for an hour with a slight chance of getting a ticket.

savage grace (directed by tom kalin) is definitely worth watching. it is based on a true story, that of barbara daly baekeland, her bizarre and eventually incestuous relationship with her homosexual son tony, who appeared to suffer from schizophrenia, and who killed her in 1972. tony later went on to stab his grandmother, and committed suicide in 1981. the movie raises the questions of who is the victim / who is whose victim in this extraordinary mother-son relationship, and who really killed whom. julianne moore as barbara is fantastic once again.

* * * * *

the new issue of tipton poetry journal is now online. read work by liz gallagher, sharon hurlbut (ann walters), c l bledsoe, patrick carrington, shanna germain, et al - and yours truly. the print version of TPJ was in my mailbox today. fast! :) still no sign of pebble lake review though. :(

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the pills are still making me nauseous, which in turn doesn't make me happy, but i guess that's all part of the process. went to see a therapist yesterday, she's nice, but i still want to check out another one or two to see who is best for me.

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the truth about me (and i know somebody who'll love this!):

You Are A Vampire

You have a real thirst for bliss, and you consider yourself a true hedonist.
And you're not afraid to walk alone in life, if it means getting what you truly crave.
You truly enjoy entrancing people. Not to mention the ensuing pleasures of the flesh.
Your tastes have been called decadent and bizarre. You usually give in to your temptations, no matter how primal

Your greatest power: Your flawless ability to seduce and charm

Your greatest weakness: Human flesh

You play well with: Werewolves

* * * * *

and here are a couple of pics of the really young ones:




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song of the day: diferente by gotan project.


Liz said...

Hi Michi,

What gorgeous young ones!

A Vampire - love it ; ))

Good to hear things are happening for you re: therapists and stuff.

Take care,

ps. I know I owe you a mail- coming up soon...; )

Anonymous said...

what an appropriate movie for halloweenie. *shudders*

yeah. that's going in the queue.

vamp, eh?
well... i vant to...
oh, you know.