Sunday, October 21, 2007

i follow my heart

yes, i am supposed to be working, catching up on about ten different things, and what am i doing instead? reading blogs, watching videos on youtube, blogging. sigh. :)

i am honing my procrastination skills this weekend: friday evening i went over to babs and andi's (it *is* convenient that they live less than a five minute walk away from me) as i was in need of cheering up and company. we played herzeln, a card game that can (and does!) go on for hours. could go on for days even, if you added more categories. of course, once we stopped playing, babs and i had some girl talk, and it was 2.15 by the time we went to bed. between 8.40 and about 10 andi and i had a conversation about languages, mainly japanese and english, and then babs joined us and we managed to keep one another from various tasks and duties until 4 in the afternoon. it was great. lots of silliness. outside, a few snowflakes, rain, grey sky, wind, cold. not tempting at all.

i managed to get all my prep work done for monday and tuesday, and jotted down a few ideas for the rest of the week, and at night joined babs and andi who went to a friend's. home shortly after midnight, but instead of going to bed, what did i do? i picked up the phone. (yes, it rang.)

tonight, two films at viennale film festival - michael clayton and medium cool.

* * * * *

and here's a song by an austrian band called velojet - i follow my heart. (oh yeah. and is that smart or dumb?) good, solid pop song, though i like the singer's voice better on other tracks. but i love the bass line.

song of the day: i follow my heart by velojet.


Anonymous said...

i'd take a procrastinating heart over a multi-tasking mind any day.
follow, flow, fully.
i, too, am perfecting last-minuting: art form.


michi said...

thanks for all your bloggerish visits lately, last minute queen! :)

hugs from vienna, midnightly chilled.


Collin said...

I was seriously down in the dumps a few weeks...seasonal blues I guess...and reading blogs and watching videos on YouTube is what got me through it. If that makes you feel better, I say go for it.