Monday, August 20, 2007

where i've been, what i've seen, what i've written - part ii

done editing. *phew*

more views


red skirt in the desert

sky on fire

blue red green

the vatican seems to have moved ...

hill's mills

pretty one

dusting the sky

the danube

more words


Night bears witness
once again. To limbs weaving

webs of desire. To confessions
that need no grammar, no

words. A sheet has slipped
to the floor, pooled

like moonlight, like music
dripping off ivory keys.

Beneath a blanket,
hearts have synchronized.

A cupped hand gathers
breath, as if that could sustain

darkness a little longer.
But the Earth turns

as it always has, tilting
its face to the light. The sun

rises regardless, feeding
on the last stubborn stars.

song of the day: down boy by the yeah yeah yeahs.


sara kearns said...

Hi Michaela,

I came upon your blog -- from Sarah Jane's -- and it's a good one. 'Great post, reeeally great photos -- sky on fire is beautiful, pope's nude bar -- well, that one speaks for itself.

And I'm so tempted to steal your idea of "song of the day!" ;) 'With links, too -- good idea to go with your good taste ('love the yeah yeah yeahs).

'Safe travels,

Anonymous said...

lovely images, dearie. and ohohoh: it doesn't get any better than the pope's nude bar. BAH! i'm still recovering from giggle-fits.

be safe and have tons o'fun... ya know, not doing anything i woudn't do...