Sunday, August 19, 2007

where i've been, what i've seen, what i've written - part i

i've been back "home" since wednesday evening, but as i went back to work thursday morning and i needed to catch up on lots of things, it took a while to get some photo editing done, and to get back to you. more to come. watch this space.


cactus close-up


who needs condoms?

the sad demise of mr cuddles

strange kind of lizard

blinded by the light

palm tree close-up



after the fever

after the fever
               the heat –

     burnt grass,
a scorched heart.

     she waits
               for a sudden spring,
to rise like miracles
          from the dust,

something to believe in
          like wild melon
     by the roadside.

but this is the desert.

          hearts snap
     in half, clean
and sharp
               as two o'clock shadows.

song of the day: hey there delilah by plain white t's.

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