Thursday, August 30, 2007

i'm ...

... in love with galway kinnell's poetry, spending too much time on facebook, writing poems, sending out subs, worrying, a little hungover for the first time in years, procrastinating, watching tennis, and happy that the lily editors have nominated my poem a man's guide to winning a woman's heart for best of the net.


Having crowed the seed
of the child of his heart
into the egg of the child
of her heart, in the dark
middle of the night, as cocks
sometimes cry out to a light
not yet visible to the rest,
and lying there with cock
shrugging its way out of her,
and rising back through phases
of identity, he hears her
say, "Yes, I am two now,
and with you, three."

-- Galway Kinnell

song of the day: hello goodbye by the beatles.


Collin said...

Congrats on the nomination!

Anonymous said...

so you're short a few cells, too, of late... (i'd donate to the program, but considering how *rare* a thing they are in my neck of the cerebellum i'd better just try to butterfly net the escapees)

i figured attack of the hungarounds as much...and first time in years: bah!
especially when i read how you *love* galway kinnell *kissy-kissy* (ack).

hmmm... guess there's no accounting for good taste, though.
luckily, lily's got some.
WHOOT! on the BOTN nod!!

feeling a little *myptuf*

SarahJane said...

Congrats on the nom - that's really great.
I'm thinking I'm going to be in vienna the 3rd week of september (starting the 17th?). you got an evening free?

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Good news about your work's nomination, Michi. It's a fine poem. Congratulations.

Kinnell is a wonderful writer. I think The Book of Nightmares is my favorite of his collections.

michi said...

thanks girls & guys! :)

and nic - one brain cell should be enough, no? i am just trying not to be greedy. :))