Tuesday, July 17, 2007

hot! hot! hot!

we're melting here in vienna - 38C (100.4F) today, and no end to the heatwave in sight. unfortunately i will have to venture outside tomorrow, as i am teaching one english summer conversation class at 9. if anyone is actually in the mood for education in this weather. *s*

i am keeping myself alive by drinking 5 litres per day and thinking of this:

my computer classes finished yesterday, and i have a month off now, yay!

the muse has very successfully tricked me into writing, and before i knew what was happening, i ended up clicking on "new topic" at the 10:10 forum, and i'm on day 3 today, already working on tomorrow's poem, with ideas for a couple more. it still feels like a struggle, like i am a little rusty, but at least i am writing.

i finished jasper fforde's latest thursday next adventure, first among sequels, on the weekend, and am now reading the first ever discworld novel (terry pratchett) - the color of magic, as well as poetry by kristy bowen and steve mueske.

song of the day: meltdown by slobberbone.


Collin said...

We haven't hit the 100 degree mark, but we've been in the mid-90s for a week or so here. And the humidity is a killer. I can't wait for autumn. Stay cool, Michi.

michi said...

it's 2 am and 86F. bleargh. we might hit 100 today, for the first time "ever". it's not normal. it is not. anything over 75(ish) is unnecessary if you ask me. but who's asking me? *sigh*