Wednesday, July 04, 2007

eclectica, lily, and a surprise

the new issue of eclectica is online, with two of my recent poems: paradeisos, and carbon (c) - adamant. it's always a pleasure to be part of eclectica, and the editors are a joy to work with.

and there's not only one of my poems, after the rift, in the wonderful july issue of lily, but also a photo taken at st marx cemetery, which i am really happy about; that's a first!

* * * * *

after i've replaced all my credit cards, cash card, travel cards, i was more than surprised yesterday when i received a letter from the 10th district's lost & found office, telling me that my purse had been dropped off on monday. the letter lists some items found in the purse, but i won't know more about the content until i pick up the purse, which i cannot do before 17th july, because i can't make their office hours while i am still teaching from 8 to 5. of course, how the purse was lost/stolen, still remains a mystery. i never thought i'd see it again!

* * * * *

work's going well, both groups are okay, some students are particularly nice. time flies, because there is always lots to do. two weeks to go.

my ex-roomie alex was in vienna last weekend, and we spent sunday afternoon and evening with a few friends, at schoenbrunn park, and a rooftop restaurant.

song of the day: can't get you off my mind by lenny kravitz.


SarahJane said...

That is so great. Are you sure you didn't leave it somewhere by accident? I hope the 70 euros is in there.
congrats on eclectica - am hoping to read the poems before vacation. read jessy randall's essay today and loved it.

Collin said...

Love your poem in Lily and the work in Redacations, which arrived in the mail yesterday. Cheers, Michi!