Thursday, June 28, 2007

8 things plus 2

sarah tagged me with Reveal 8 Things About Yourself
soooo ... here goes:

1) i always have to tell new students to please NOT drink red bull in class, because the smell makes me *really* sick. instantly.

2) i have never bought a glossy magazine like elle or vogue in my entire life. nor have i read one.

3) i liked walking to school and back home alone when i was around 9, because i was making up stories about a pair of sisters and their friends, complete with dialogue and all. a book i never wrote down. (not that the world missed much. *g*)

4) i "ran away" from home once, when i was 19, and disappeared for about 30 hours. i can't say i'm very proud of that.

5) when my mom told me she'd signed me up for ballet at age 7 or so, i threw a really bad tantrum. i remember the kicking and screaming and hysterical crying. and no, i did not suddenly love it on my first day in ballet class.

6) i once spoke to singer feist for a few minutes. she was lovely.

7) during my 1989 summer job at a small hotel in the austrian alps, my boss' father once asked me to go wake up his son, then around 30. i tried to somehow talk him out of it, but not a chance. so i went to knock on the guy's door, and thought i heard a yes, or "come in", or something of the sort. so i opened the door, and found that a) nobody had actually said "come in", and b) the rumours were true: the boss *was* sleeping with the young single italian lady staying at the hotel ...

8) I LOVE hipp’s fruit jars for babies. yummy stuff. *g*

i tag collin, colleen, nicole, john, and kristy.
if they let me. ;)

* * * * *

i received kristy bowen's fever almanac this week, and i am enjoying it.

and today i got my contributor's copy of envoi (the five poems were accepted about half a year ago). yay! it's looking good. arlene has four poems in it, too, so: good company.

song of the day: wish you were here by pink floyd.


SarahJane said...

Hi Michi -
enjoyed your list. i also hated ballet like the plague! I used to sit on the dance floor and refuse to budge. Being a mother now, I can imagine my mother must have felt.
take it easy on the baby food!
thanks for playing

Liz said...

Michi, love the image of you doing all that walking and story-inventing at 9. : )

The wake-up call one for the boss is hilarious - how did you face him after that! : )

I have a friend who also loves baby-food. ; )

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Enjoyed your list, Michi.

Anonymous said...

lovely list michi. i share some ballet angst with you, only i was in at 4, not 7.

oh my to your # 7. *hee*

the hipps looks soo good.

and good for the envoi and stuff.
rock it, poet grrl.

Collin said...

I've done my eight things. There a bit naughty. lol

Collin said...

There =They are