Saturday, June 02, 2007

catching up

i have been off work since thursday: finally met gudrun for a chat, a walk, and some frozen yogurt. of course baby jakob was there, too:

here's a picture i have been meaning to take for a while now, but my older cameras just weren't good enough - with the new zoom it's no problem:

after my english class, i met gini who was one of my colleagues way back when i was still a web designer working for since we had not seen each other for a long time, we had lots to catch up on over our mexican dinner. afterwards - the moon behind tree branches, looking as if some night creature had bitten into it repeatedly:

yesterday i was feeling sick and i had an upset tummy all day. i still went to have my picture taken for my passport application. i bought a couple of shelves and assembled those in true DIY queen style, moved books and other stuff around, watched some french open, and slept a while, still not feeling well. and so i missed out on the last open mic before the summer. :(

today i am finally saying goodbye to my old mobile phone: it was the first one i ever got, well over 5 years ago. now i have one of those fancy ones with which i can take photos and send them, shoot videos, surf the web, receive email, listen to mp3s and the radio, and - i suspect - still make phone calls as well:

song of the day: past in present by feist.

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