Thursday, May 03, 2007


i finished my round of 10 days - 10 poems today. these are the titles:

01. Vows for a Cancelled Wedding
02. you've been flirting again (courtesy of bjørk)
03. snails, worms, and other losses (courtesy of tupelo press)
04. blue
05. after the rift
06. Silicon (Si) - The day I fell in love with a semiconductor
07. still #3 : ties
08. still #2 : equinox
09. still #1 : collision
10. wordspread (for nicole)

sarah also finished her round of wonderful poetry today - congrats!

i am not sure i will do another round immediately, though i probably should, once i am at it.

song of the day: santa maria da feira by devendra banhart.


jenni said...

These titles are so cool. 10 poems, 10 days. I'll have to try it sdometime.

michi said...

jenni, thanks! nothing compared to the 180 days i did though ... :)

m x

SarahJane said...

it was great doing the forum with you michi. i think we both ended up with some poems to work with. the 10:10 is so much more enjoyable than the 30:30, imo. I'll probably bounce back in at some point too.