Monday, February 26, 2007

so i didn't win ...

an academy award, but two of my poems were accepted by tattoo highway for their soon-to-be-published 14th issue:

we'd like to include both "poem with possibilities and uncertain outcome (a multiple choice poem)" and "lester lewis takes inventory after the shipwreck" in TH/14. lester was one of a very few unanimous choices. we're happy to have them both.
sojourn sent a rejection note a few days ago, and i am waiting to hear back from quite a few places.

i am still writing every day, but am feeling somewhat burned out. while arlene was here, there was some silly writing going on, but at least i kept going. here are poem titles 151 - 169:
day 151 - playing god : woman
day 152 - he says (fib)
day 153 - Thorium (Th) - þrúðvangr, between sunrise and noon
day 154 - Tungsten (W) - The day I fell in love with a light bulb
day 155 - Californium (Cf) - The day I fell in love with an invisible man
day 156 - report with bookmark
day 157 - Plutonium (Pu) - The day I fell in love with a dwarf
day 158 - Valentine
day 159 - Neptunium (Np) - The day I fell in love with a giant
day 160 - report with tombstone
day 161 - Two Donkeys (fib)
day 162 - bovine report
day 163 - sleeping beauty's first morning (fib)
day 164 - Jigsaw (fib)
day 165 - Strontium (Sr) - The day I fell in love with a Catherine wheel
day 166 - System Failure (working title)
day 167 - Yttrium (Y) - The day I fell in love with a microwave
day 168 - report with morning call
day 169 - [untitled, and top secret] (and no, this is *not* the title *G*)
my own poetry aside –

for some reason it snowed last night – i have no idea how that happened after a day that seemed like spring. some of the white stuff is still there, but thank goodness not much.

i was up all night half-watching the oscars, happy for helen mirren – she accepted her award in style, as one would expect of her. what are your impressions of the night?

i found out that tori amos is playing a concert in vienna in june – not happy with the location, not at all, but at least that wonderwoman is coming back here!

i have a job interview on wednesday – cross everything you can (yes, n, that includes your eyes).

i'm reading ilya kaminsky's dancing in odessa, c d wright's steal away, anne carson's the beauty of the husband, jane hirshfield's nine gates, and rereading wislawa szymborska's view with a grain of sand.

if you need a good laugh (and are over 18), do visit carl bryant's and my dear second spouse's blogs. you'll see why. :)

last but not least: happy birthday to a wonderful woman - my friend gudrun. we were pretty much inseparable throughout our teens and for some reason she still hasn't had enough of me. big *hug* and thank you for being there. have a great one, and we'll make up for the lack of drinks when jakob's a little older!

the sign says petting zoo.

song of the day: the long way home by tom waits.


megalopoet said...

congrats on being inked! and many crossings, and maybe a throwing of the bones, for luck on the JOB-front. hopefully yr house is back in order after typhoon angela. lovely yr snow: i think we've had all for this year, but again, i've got every available noun crossed.

xxx[u know what *that* means]

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Congratulations for the poems at Tattoo Highway.

Arlene said...

hey, wheeeeeee.... we're going to be in TH14 together! have you noticed that editors seem to have a knack for keeping us in separate rooms when they publish our stuff?

i cross my legs in your general direction!


Collin said...

Congrats, Michi!!! :)

abha said...

Actually visited the blog beacuse I wanted to leavea commnet on your poem publsihed in tatto highway 14, "A poem with infinite possibilities" to tell you that I found it exceptional. Usually, I am very choosy about poems-few hit me hard, but I loved this. So visited your blog to tell you this.