Saturday, January 13, 2007

strong verse and autumn sky

my poems seven things to consider when complaining about the weather and november rules of conduct were accepted by strong verse. :) i'd given up hope - i submitted well over 3 months ago, but mr palmer apologised very nicely for the late reply, and what with such good news, i don't have a problem at all. :) nice side effect that they pay, too.

i'll post a link when the poems are up. not sure when that will be.

also, had a very fast response from christine klocek-lim, editor of autumn sky:

I would be delighted to accept your poem, "Sonnenizio on a Line from Neruda" for the March issue of Autumn Sky Poetry. I was really moved by the imagery and how the repetition of words from the first line carried the poem into a complex weave of emotional connection. I hadn't seen that form before, so I am also indebted to you for introducing it to me.

Also, I liked "Letter #22" very much, especially how it related to Alex Stolis's poems. I considered accepting that one (I only accept one poem per author per issue), but the sonnenizio kept popping into my mind over several days, which is why I'd like to accept that one instead.
the new issue should be up in late february or early march.

song of the day: you suck by the murmurs


Liz said...

Congrats, Michi. And what a great acceptance letter!


P.S. will you be 30:30-ing it soonish again? Would love to leap in but am so bogged down in work right March I'll be there...hopefully : )!

Arlene said...

wheeee! congrats on the acceptances, marrow! i see you've switched from submission to domination.


michi said...

liz - thanks again.

angus - you wish. you only wish. *L*
cheers! (no, that was not the signal to start drinking! *rolls eyes*)


With Hammer And Tong...The LetterShaper said...

I very much enjoyed my time here; as a poet and an avid reader, I found it both enlightening and enriching. Thank you...

Christine said...

Congrats! getting paid for poetry, that's unheard of! ;)

michi said...

thank you, lettershaper, and thanks, christine - yes, almost unheard of! ;)


Cheryl said...

Good show, Michi! I'll see you in Autumn Sky!

megalopoet said...

tres bien, mon chere.

it's excellent, that having them eating out of your hand thing.
that having it stick with them.
de-lovely indeed.


michi said...

thanks, ladies :) you're sweet! x