Saturday, January 20, 2007

a little bit of this and that

nothing very exciting to say, but i did want to leave an update:

there is a chance that one of my poems will be included in the next volume of in our own words - a generation defining itself. i've been in the last three or four volumes, so that would be nice. they always accept more poems than will be published in the end, so it's not 100% sure, but i have my fingers crossed. :)

i've got lots of subs out, and i am still writing - sonnenizios, and fibs (for the flashquake contest), mainly. day 133. even though i have days when the muse seems to be fast asleep, i keep going. why? *L*

here's a recent one, for ms angie:

The Girl With the Purple Cloak Appears in Another Dream
       Sonnenizio on a Line from Jarman

The dream begins, turns over, and goes flat.
Like a leftover wintercoat in May. Like an

overused tyre. The way champagne never
does when she is around - oversexed lush

in her purple cloak, hungover every Friday.
She is in this dream, too. A voice-over.

The smell of white clover, obnoxious like
an overplayed bit part. Evasive, like a note

that may or may not be found overleaf. She
overstays her welcome, like patches of snow

lingering into spring. I'm overdue to wake up.
At least to roll over and crush the echo of her

laugh. It's overkill. A rumble, like low mooing.
I'll surely overdose. And it will be her doing.

i saw the play a midsummer night's sex comedy (woody allen) on wednesday, which was quite fun. it had been a while since i'd last been to a theatre ...

birgit and i went to see the queen at the cinema, and i did enjoy that. helen mirren's performance was brilliant.

i am using my exercise bike some more these days, which is gooooood, and yesterday i played tennis for the first time since the summer - it's always, um, a joy to discover all sorts of unknown muscles the day after ...

i've been watching some of the australian open - saw some good matches. one of my favourite players of all times, james blake, is playing really well, and i hope he goes far. the cutie. *G*

i am still looking for work. nothing new there. :(

our winter is still mild as spring. way too warm. the hurricane that did a lot of damage and killed dozens of people across europe on thursday, hit austria, too. the craziest thing was that the temperature rose to 20C (68F) at midnight! they say snow might be on the way some time next week - i hope not though.

song of the day: i will kill again by jarvis cocker


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Wow! Michi, you are amazing. I can't believe you're still going - that's awesome. You are like the Terminator, only with poetry...the Poeminator!

Congrats on the anthology! I hope you make the final cut.

We had snow last week and it was beautiful. I'm crossing my fingers for more before winter is over.

Arlene said...

hey, congrats on the anthology! i'll cross my fingers for you.

check out the dirty mind quiz at my place. teehee. really curious how you and mccall would score.

re: work — hope you find something this week!

cheers on the sphincter muscle discovery,

p.s. patches of snow lingering into spring are usually dirty. tsk. i'm not. i took a bath last year, FYI.

Collin said...

Helen got her Oscar nom this morning for The Queen. I hope she wins. It's time.

SarahJane said...

hi michi,
we had that hurricane, too, though it did very little damage in Frankfurt. it is now cold as all get-out.
good luck with your subs, and the daily writing.