Monday, January 08, 2007

new year's, 120 days of poetry & little jakob

i/we spent new year's at my parents' in my hometown. it was fun - lots of singing, esp my youngest brother martin and my dad. they say that when more than two people from carinthia (the federal state i come from) get together, it won't be long before they start singing. *G* anyone not familiar with the gabriels might have been a little intimidated ... *L* and no, don't worry, i am not providing any sound files, only pictures. here are a few.

me & my silly "little" brother martin

martin and my granny at midnight

mom & dad at midnight

me & sepp looking at pictures

martin, sepp & me

is my dad drunk, or is it everybody else?

me very late at night

me & my crown :)

* * * * *

went to the open mic last friday, met up for a chat with sylvia before it began. met some new people. i read the final letter of the collaboration project, and an abecedarian - A Ladies' Guide to Writing the Love Poem. people seemed to especially like the abecedarian. :) there was some exceptionally good performance poetry, in both german and english. i'm quite determined to go again in february.

* * * * *

i finished another 30 days of poetry yesterday - which means i have been writing a poem a day for 120 consecutive days. madmadmad. not sure i will continue. it has been exceptionally tough lately, and i feel a bit burned out.

latest poems:
day 112 - you nude girl folding your arms
day 113 - eleven reasons why love was inevitable and she wants to marry him
day 114 - You Watch the Sunset and Find Twenty-Seven Ways ... (a cherylian)
day 115 - New Year's Eve (Sonnenizio on a Line from C S Lewis)
day 116 - She Makes A Cup of Tea, Muses About the Whiteness of the Three-Quarter Moon ... (a cherylian)
day 117 - He Loves A Good Egg Salad Sandwich For Lunch ... (a cherylian)
day 118 - Without You (Sonnenizio on a Line from Neruda)
day 119 - Sonnenizio on a Line from Neruda (The night turns on its invisible wheels. ...)
day 120 - The Man Who Found A Portal To My Bedroom (an abecedarian)

nothing for the periodic table series, but the sonnenizio fever and abecedarianitis continue.

* * * * *

i went to see gudrun and her new baby boy jakob today - he was born on 30 december. here are a few pics of the little man (and me):

song of the day: prospettiva nevski by alice.


Collin said...

Loverly pictures.

I can I just say again how much I love coming to your blog because "Static on the Radio" plays and I always linger to listen. :)

michi said...

collin - i must never change it then or you'll stop visiting! *G*

Arlene said...

teehee. those new year's eve pics portray rowdy experiments on various stages of drunkenness, dear. according to the expert, the last two of you have an under-the-table feel about them.

love the baby pictures!! congrats on eclectica again and the 120 poems! wheeeeee!