Sunday, December 10, 2006

nine times thirty, and aiming for one hundred

i finished my 9th round of 30:30 on friday. unbelievable, but true. it was my third consecutive round, and i think it was the toughest, most challening, and definitely best round to date. alex' project came at the right time - half the poems i wrote are "letters", the rest a few sonnenizios, a couple of so-called "cherylians", and ekphrastic poems, as well as some abecedarians (another thing i never thought i'd be able to pull off) at the end.

here are the titles 18-30:

poem 18 - Sonnenizio on a line from McClain
poem 19 - Sonnenizio on a line from Rilke
poem 20 - Letter # 10 (The past is one fifth lime juice, one fifth auburn, the rest ...)
poem 21 - The Guidelines Tell Me To Send Between One And Five, No More Than Three, And Up To Ten Of My Best Poems In A Single Word Document - .rtf Format - Within The Body Of An Email During The Reading Period From October Through June, With A Deadline On April 1; Previously Published Work That Has Simultaneously Appeared In Print Journals Is Welcome, A Cover Letter Required But Optional, Provided A Brief Bio Is Included (No List Of Publication Credits, No Trivia) (a cherylian)
poem 22 - Letter #13 (Oh yes, Asian eyes. I used to dub her The Dark Rapunzel. She lingered ...)
poem 23 - I Said To The Expert: "I Heard Typoitis Is A Very Seriuos Condition And It Might Be Best To Seek Tretment As Soon As Possible – I Undrestand My Hands Will Be Given Something Esle To Touch; But Are You Sure It Can Be Cured?" (a cherylian)
poem 24 - Letter #14 (Unlearning to love you is like sucking back sand through the narrow ...)
poem 25 - A Ladies' Guide to Writing the Love Poem (an abecedarian)
poem 26 - zirconium (zr) - north of gondwana, three minutes past four (an ekphrastic )
poem 27 - Sonnenizio on a line from Barber
poem 28 - Letter #15 (Outside my window, a bird is chirping in the darkness. Madrugada, ...)
poem 29 - still life with blue voice an abecedarian)
poem 30 - yes! (an abecedarian)

it's been a lot of fun, especially with alabama and nebraska and their craziness!

i have not stopped writing, however. i am aiming to get to at least 100 consecutive days, and i wrote a poem yesterday, and one today - #91, and #92. i'll post all the titles when i have done the 10:10.

* * * * *

received a rather nice rejection note from no tell motel. they said they were sorry about having to reject quality submissions. i'll try them again next year.

* * * * *

on friday, i went to see MUSE in concert - with the niece-in-law, julia, who's only 20 years younger than me. *LOL* but i would have gone anyway. the concert was quite good, actually, even though they did not play three of my favourite muse songs (endlessly, thoughts of a dying atheist, and muscle museum); but they played hysteria, and starlight, and plug in baby, and a lot of other gooooood stuff. julia was over the moon because she was in the front row, soooo close to darling matthew. i enjoyed myself, apart from the quarter hour when three teenage girls pressed up against me, unable to decide whether they were brave enough to push through the crowd or not (they weren't). i thought two of them were going to, erm, have an orgasm when matt appeared on the stage. *L* oh yes, and the weird guy (there is always a weird guy, at any given concert) who obviously thought muse were only playing for him. but then, he might not have thought at all. yes. that is far more likely. once julia sends me pics of the show, i will post a couple.

* * * * *

yesterday we had brunch at gudrun's. here's a snapshot of her son simon & me. more to come.

song of the day: roads by portishead.

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Arlene said...

thanks for the plug about muse. i'll have to check them out. never heard of them. but, as the husband says, i live on the moon. no, honey, i didn't mean on your left moon.

your experience at that concert are explicit as usual. tee hee hysterically weird guy.

that's saddish about no tell motel. i have an inkling as to why you submitted yourself there though. do let me know the duration. i offered to clean their toilets last november 11. if you want to know any info on any man... i mean, mag — just hoot ;)