Tuesday, December 12, 2006

bad news and good news


it must have been too good to last. i've been doing great lately, i was happy with work, the writing, and myself. butbutbut. yesterday i heard that there will be only half as many classes at the floridsdorf branch of the company i have been working for since april 2004. it's a little surprising, really. but unexpected or not, it means that i won't be teaching there anymore. i honestly felt like crying when i was told. i have never felt so comfortable in a workplace. especially this year, things have been great. nice colleagues. lovely students. and i have always liked the fact that this centre was rather small and we were not too involved in office politics. oh, and not too many female colleagues (none lately, since bärbel went on maternity leave). i often feel more comfortable working with men (unless they're sexist bastards, of course). so. this means, i will have to go get my stuff next week. i don't even want to think about it. [insert head-in-hands-and-sobbing icon here]

* * * * *


thanks, airliner, for the envoi tip. i sent a sub around 01.30 last night, and had a reply at 12.30 today - and it looks like jan wants to publish all five poems! yay! two of them are sonnenizios on lines from ros barber poems (one written only yesterday! hot off the press so to speak ...), two are part of the periodic table series (lithium, nickel), and one is a kitchen conversation (tired cheese grater). the magazine is due out in june 2007 and i already look forward to reading it, not least because ms angle will be sharing zine space with me (again. that's what happens to married people, you see. can't seem to do anything on their own anymore. *rolling eyes*).

* * * * *

saw little miss sunshine with gudrun yesterday. quite good. some hilarious scenes. and proof that the word lolly-gagging (as introduced by mr mcclause) actually exists. :)

just spent aaaaaaaaaages at the post office - seems i am not the only one sending snail mail at this time of year. but i beat them all with my 18 cards/letters. the rest will be sent tomorrow. i'm late this year. sigh.

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song of the day: toto dies by the delightful nellie mckay.


megalopoet said...

my darling: ugly news indeed about the teaching gig, but you'll find other equally comfy femme-less digs. seems as if it's finally time for the spousal unit to support you (snickering about ms. arctic's new role as *brew*, er, bread winner).

what about other teaching appointments?? surely there are those who need da english skillz???
(plenty over here in my neck of the woods, anyway)

congrats on your very fast acceptance: sometimes quickie is good!

Arlene said...

oh honey, that's terrible news. i hope you'll find something better next year... who knows. just think positive. **sweaty hug**

and wheeeeee for the envoi news!! i'm so thrilled i've got bugs rolling all over me and making me dance with excitement! ho ho hot ketchup in my pants!

now we only need sharon and nate in that issue to complete the love rectangle.

18 cards? i was already ashamed this morning entering in the half-empty post office with my three cards. which means you're getting yours via e-mail. i've got a *hot* one just for you, darling! i'm so excited i'm hugging myself and thinking dirty thoughts! hee chow chow!


Liz said...

Michi, what a bummer about the job set-up. No doubt there is something even better around the corner for you. My situation is similarly tentative - the up side is that we don't have to feel glued to the place until the golden-watch-giving ceremony. : )

But what fantastic news on the publishing front - I am really chuffed for you.

Card-wise...I am put to shame, still haven't bought any. ; )


michi said...

fishy, i had not even thought of that! ha! yes indeed - what is a spouse there for if not to feeeeed meeeee?!

i've been teaching computer classes there. as a freelancer, but i have been there for a long time. it was bound to happen. they will try and find me something else, but it will be in vienna where the people are less motivated and not so "easy" (i know. trust me.) - i was teaching people from lower austria for the past few years.

i'd do more english, but computer classes pay better. and i am talking 4$+ difference per hour ...

wish me luck.

* * * * *

sweetheart, i know. i am so thrilled. i told them i was so smitten with you, dear wife, that i had to get in between the sheets with you, or i would kill myself. practically. um. something like that. i am trying to encourage my fiancé (we have not had a ceremony yet) to submit too. (not telling to whom though *snicker snicker sneeeeeeze!*)

what, you mean no snail mail from you? sheesh. i wish you had told me earlier. that would have saved me ... um ... 3 euro! but then, it is practically your money anyway, because according to nicole you have to support me now. :) ha. the very thought of it! :)

btw - i'll burn you a muse cd. okay?

* * * * *

liz - thank you for the congrats, both here and at the forum. and for the encouraging words re job. i am freelancing, so this is bound to happen. the bad thing is - no work, no money. but with three spouses (or is the plural "spice"?), i should not worry too much, right?

thanks ladies,

m x

nate said...


Again, I'm sorry to hear about the bad news, especially in the midst of such good fortune. I'm sure something will turn for you. I'm sending *good luck* vibes from Cul-e-fornia, though with my luck, maybe I shouldn't... who knows where you might end up...

word verification: ltgfr, which if translated in grasslandic tongues, means lit "g" on fire... hmmmmm.

michi said...

well well well - look who's showing his ... er ... face around these ... um ... parts! mr net mccrave himself!

you think you will collect more points by imitating our governator?

you mean to tell me that if you say "i'll come again", it really only translates as "i'll be back"?

tsk. i only have to look at your interpretation of word verification to know that's not true.

thanks for the kind words though. i appreciate everyone's concern. :)


ps my word thingy says "csasvlu". poor c.s. - but what can i say: me too. nasty bugs.(oh and: word verification should use spell check. methinks flu is spelled with an f.)